Johnny doing Jizz Orgy again

September 5th, 2014

We only saw Johnny Rapid in a scene a few days ago, Bump (part three), over at Jizz Orgy, one of the sites you gain access to when you join Drill My Hole, the site where he has his latest hardcore epic, Naked Neighbor. Johnny has made about 20 movies for (the network of sites that DMH is a part of) and he continues to be a popular attraction. In this scene he is playing with Sebastian Young, another long standing favourite from the stables. Sebastian is tattooed and toned, whereas Johnny is un-inked and toned, and both guys describe themselves as Tops.

The movie opens with a scene of domestic bliss, well, depending on how you see doing the laundry. Johnny’s carrying his basket down to the machine room, wearing his vest and showing off his muscles. He’s getting on with doing his whites when he realises that he also needs to wash the ones he is wearing and thus we get the cue for a hunky, and rather cute looking, guy stripping down and putting everything into the top loader. We’re kind of expecting to hear music start up in the manner of that old TV advert, but we don’t get that, what we do get instead is the sight of this gorgeous guy sitting on the machine, playing with his cock and closing his eyes. At least until his neighbour Sebastian comes in, attracted by the sight of seeing his friend getting off.

A quick exchange of words later and Sebastian is also stripping down and stiffening up his cock. The words are a way of the two straight sounding, good-buddy sounding, guys to get over the thing about being naked and before you can say, ‘Well, why not?’ Johnny Rapid has accepted the invitation and is sucking on Sebastian’s meat. And it’s a big and good length of meat too, at eight inches and thick and he loves the feel of it in his mate’s hot mouth. It’s not long though before he wants it in something tighter and he wants it deeper, it’s like Johnny’s mouth can only take so much but his ass can take a lot more. And so things move back to the machine where Johnny bends over and top becomes bottom.

Sebastian is plunging away at his ass, Rapid is grunting and calling out, and getting his hole well drilled. After a while they move to the table and Johnny sits on Sebastian’s cock so he can lower himself right down over the whole length and take it all deep inside. And then, finally, he gets taken on his back so he can finish his jerk session which he does with a thick and creamy load over his flat and smooth stomach. Sebastian also ends up cumming whiter than white and leaving some stains that no amount of washing will get out.

Mon says Johnny Rapid should earn his own money

September 1st, 2014

Well it’s about time I say. A decent British soap opera that’s realistic and all about real guys at home, getting on with real life. Excuse me? I hear you say. What are you talking about? Well, I am talking about Johnny Rapid, and yes it is British (well, the guys behind Men Of UK (Men dot com) have started it up on their rather fantastic site using some British actors). But fear not dear fellow porn fanatic, it is all about crasy action too.

OK, so part one opens with some old bag of a woman moaning on at sweet and sexy Kayden Gray who spends his days lounging on the sofa. Mum wants him to get out and earn some money, so invites a local nightclub owner around to chat with Kayden about work while she pops out to the shops. So far, so soap.

But things soon start to change as there is something of a test in store for Kayden when tall, blonde Christopher Daniels starts giving this wannabe barman some tasks: Make tea, clean the toilet and bath (lots of excuses for seeing cute Kayden bend over), and then… well that’s where the fun really starts., Kiss me, suck my cock, get down and dirty with me and you’ve got the job. It’s not spoken but that’s the clear message and the two guys are soon stripping down, sucking cock and getting it on right there in the living room with mum only around the corner at the post office. Will they get caught? Will there be love in the air?

You kind of forget the soap stuff for the next 20 minutes or so as we get on with some very satisfying hardcore porn. Cock sucking, both guys go down on each other, both have long cocks, Rapid’s uncut and Christopher’s cut. Both guys are versatile as well, though Chris prefers to bottom. In character though he’s happy to top and he’s soon got Kayden up against the wall fucking his straight-boy ass. And then they swap around and Christopher opens up his versatile hole for Kayden, on mom’s sofa no less. (If only she knew!) This hot fuck scene carries on unabated for a great length of time until it ends with the inevitable cum shots, with Chris getting most of it on him and across his face. Perfect porn.

If this is how life in Johnny Rapid is going to be then I am going to be tuning back in on a regular basis. I believe they’ve made a few more episodes and I am sure that they are all going to be as original and horny as this one. Oh, and we’re not told if Kayden got the job or not, that is what I believe is called a cliff-hanger.

Johnny Rapid is the star at Body Doubles

November 25th, 2013

This website is always coming up with new ways to present their hot straight models in some hot scenes. How do you do it? How do you make a scene believable with two hulking great straight (looking) guys? Well, in his case it’s a case of Body Double, a kind of play on words as Johnny Rapid and Ty Roderick are pretty similar in build and body. They’ve both got facial hair though Johnny’s beard is very neatly trimmed and shaped and Ty’s is a bit more wild and fallow. They both have fit bodies and are both quite tall. They are also both versatile in the bottom department and though both cut, Ty has a massive 9.5 inch boy toy. So, that’s the cast, what’s the story?

The guys are reading through a script and Ty doesn’t like it; it’s a gay story, there’s no girls, they are going to be filming a gay scene and he’s not happy. He wants to phone his agent and back out but Johnny persuades him that it’s a case of make or break; career choice time, and if they are going to do right, they may as well get it rehearsed. And so, two hulking straight guys start kissing. They are already in their dressing gowns and underwear only, so why not take things to the next level? Rapidis the guy in charge of this scene as he gets Ty naked, pulling out his monster toy and going straight down on it while also stripping naked himself and showing us his wonderful stiff boy toy.

And now the fun begins:

We’re only four minutes into a full length scene here so you’re going to need to show some restraint! But the guys don’t, and Ty gets his willy sucked by a hungry Johnny for some considerable time, standing up, on the sofa, the guys change about and try out all kinds of positions until Ty stars returning the favour, by deep throating Johnny’s boy-toy. And then, somehow, Johnny manages to sit on that huge one and the fun starts. This is real tough-guy with tough-gay action and there’s some hard and fast butt banging to be had, deep and rough.

These guys are also pretty athletic and they move from one position to the other in seconds, trying out all manner of ways to get that nine and a half inch cock in deeper until, after some serious sphincter slamming, the guys let their juices flow. Johnny Rapid ends up in a wet, sticky mess and the script they were studying is long forgotten.